The new invention

It was a dark stormy night, there was a lot of zombie outside and there was only one person to save the world. A man named Mark. He was very smart he invented a lot of things such as the banana phone, the Lightest Bulb which was a light bulb but brighter and last but not least the poison ray. A ray gun that can turn people into zombies but he needs to find a cure to the poison ray. He tried everything and finally he found a cure. “Phenomenal”, Mark said. He put the gun to spray mode and saved the world.


One thought on “The new invention”

  1. It would certainly be phenomenal to find a cure to save the world of something so you really chose a very appropriate subject for your story. I like the detail you provided about Mark and I think by having zombies emphasised how important it was for Mark’s invention to work. Well done.

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