I’m going to be talking about transport and what would be the effect of people not to travel. The effect on people would not be good and people would not see the good stuff around the world. If you could not travel you would not try new thing that you never knew could have existed and could hav a great experience going places. My favourite thing is trying new things and the food in different places. Also the tought of being in different places as you are use to. So that is my reason.


There was a big factory that was not popular because it burnt lots of plastic. Everyone cared about the environment so thats why this factory had a big impact on the world. The clouds begun to get dark and started raining and produced acid rain and got people go sick. The people whent to the factory and told them to stop because of all the polution. They said yes but made an agreement to not get sued and not to get blaimed for all the causes that they have done and also said sorry. They also payed for all the sick people.

Super kid

There was a light bulb that broke in this one house and and a kid wanted to fix it but his mum told him not to touch anything. But the kid didn’t listen. So he took one light buld and tried to fix it but droped it and broke the glass. “What did i tell you about the lights”. The kid was sad but did not give up. So while teveryone was asleep thekid secretly took one light bulb climed up the ladder and fixed the light. The next morning the mum said “How did the light bulb get fixed?” “Maybe a superhero did it” said the kid.


Me and my family went to the city to watch the firworks because it was new years day. When me and my family arrived at the city and had to walk to the spot to get the best veiw. The fireworks went off and it failed and everything exploded. The people that set off  the fireworks were injured and the fire hat spread to dry grass and set off a big bush fire. The fire had hurt lots of people and had to be rushed to the hospital right away.

Magic food

There was a scientist that invented magic food with different colours like blue, yellow, green and many more . And each food makes you feel a different emotion like sad, scared, happy, overwhelmed and many more. Everyones favorite magic food was the yellow happy chilli and it had lots of different spices which made it verry hot. When ever someone was sad, they ate the happy yellow chilli. And the scientist had made a company named MF Magic-food and is the most famous and richest food in the world. THE END

The old stairs

I woke up at night to get some food and I went down stairs and got some food. I heard some creaking coming from the wooden floor. I was scared so I got out of the kitchen and I was about to go up the stairs and something seemed different. Everything seemed old and there was a small candy bar in the corner.  I slowly went up the stairs and went in this creepy room with lots of cobwebs and  and old stuff. I went back downstairs and went back to the kitchen. I closed the door and opened it again and everything went back to normal.


Army boy

There was a young man named Max. And he was in the army and was bullied because he was very skinny but very smart. The general didn’t like him but his assistant liked him. Max’s body wasn’t built for the army but his heart was. The general kept doing some tests on him to see if he was worthy.

The general threw a fake explosive and yelled “explosive” and to save the people Max jumped on top of the explosive to save the people, but the people didn’t know it was just a test. The general saw his courage and recruited him to be part of the army.

A new animal

There was a man named Max. And he had a cool power. He can mix animals together and make them into one. Everyone knew  him as animal-mixer. He once mixed a fish and a human together and made a Mermaid. Then one day he put up a poster that said “give me to animals and i’ll mix them together and the animals with the most votes will get mixed.

The most popular animals was a pig and a fish. He made a video mixed them to gether and!!

TERIFFYING he said. He posted the video and some how got famous over night.

The new invention

It was a dark stormy night, there was a lot of zombie outside and there was only one person to save the world. A man named Mark. He was very smart he invented a lot of things such as the banana phone, the Lightest Bulb which was a light bulb but brighter and last but not least the poison ray. A ray gun that can turn people into zombies but he needs to find a cure to the poison ray. He tried everything and finally he found a cure. “Phenomenal”, Mark said. He put the gun to spray mode and saved the world.


The statue

There was a man in a garden full of dying plants and wierd statues. The man herd some moving and running so he went to go investigate. He turned a corner but nothing was there. Little did he know there wan a monster looking human behind him. He turned around and saw it. It was verry hairy, had long arms and worst of all big purple eyes. The ma looked in the monsters eyes and started to turn into stone.he turned to a statue and died. The monster walked away. The police found him and made him a memorial statue.